Fight For Your Right To Looooob-ster

I'm up at Cracked again, with The 5 Most Retarded Causes People Are Actually Fighting For. Come for the comedy, stay from the comments by idiots who think I'm mocking Asperger's when I'm attacking those who just claim to have it. BONUS: Those comments are all by people who claim to have it!

This one's been FARKed too. Nice.


Anonymous said...

It's also awesome how you insult people who spend their time trying to help living things. That's totally awesome.
What a bunch of assholes! Trying to help other living things from being killed! What a bunch of jerks!

You're like Cracked's own Rush Limbaugh.

JYD said...

Funny as ever. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

Why are you a jackass? Not all the people defending aspergers' when they comment that article are faking.


Lordy said...

I've been saying for years that you're a jackass Luke! Now with anonymous posters backing me, I finally have proof!

/that is the way the internet works right?

Ryan said...


Seriously hilarious! I often find it amazing with all the legitimate concerns in the world, and truly ground breaking progressive groups advocating rights and advancements in society... are drowned out by retarded people, like all mentioned in your article.

Keep up the assholeness, and the good work!


Robert said...

You son of a bitch! How dare you insult people pretending to be retarded!? I'm pretending to be retarded!

Scooter said...


Autism is not the same as mental retardation. Indeed, many people on the autism spectrum are quite intelligent. At the same time, those people may not be able to hold down a job or leave their parent's house.

Still, just like OCD, ADD, ADHD, and a myriad other mental disorders, Asperger's syndrome is probably over-diagnosed, and is also glommed on to those who have no excuse as to why they have not done anything with their lives.

Luke, I understand where you are coming from. At the same time... people who really are members of the autistic spectrum are not faking it. Unfortunately, the "real" to "poser" ratio is probably 1 to 10.