Not that I'm encouraging it, mind you, but I did look at NASCAR Safety over at Cracked.

Want to see the rest of the image? If only there were some way to do so.

The Future

Skateboarding Safety

Another article over at Cracked. describing skateboarding's most suicidal stunts and other reasons why non-Ninja Turtles probably shouldn't bother.

Harry Potter Insanity

I was going to write about the new article over at Cracked, telling you how people have gone insane over Harry Potter, but really, LOOK at that image.

That's real. College age, running around clutching broomsticks and pretending to fly.

Disastvertising: The Worst In Gaming PR

Another article up at GameSpy, where we explain how somebody can take the job "Sell videogames to videogamers" and totally screw it up. And there's no Daikatana at all! Yes, only things that actually happened within the last eight years! Read Disastvertising here.

They were even kind enough to make some images for me, even if they sometimes get the words in the wrong order.

Back To The Future Timeline Of Disaster

A timeline of terrible mistakes up at
You missed the parts where they hired a rapist, or decided Doc's dog was more important than Marty's wife? Go!

Jackie Chan Injury Map

Once more unto the Cracked, dear friends, where I have a color-coded chart of Chan-breakage. It's a rainbow of self-mutilation that would make a suicidal GAP commercial look monochromatic.