Skateboarding Safety

Another article over at Cracked. describing skateboarding's most suicidal stunts and other reasons why non-Ninja Turtles probably shouldn't bother.


Anonymous said...

first of all, i would just like to say, nice fucking shirt, it makes you look as retarded as you sound. I dont no what you were trying to accomplish by your article, i dont know, maybe you are some sad loser plugged into the wall, just trying to fit in the only place you seem to belong.
skateboarders are much nicer pepople than fags like you, posting bullshit about things you obviously have no knowlage in what so ever to seem the smallest bit funny to other assholes you predudice cunt! i suggest you take down this article.

Anonymous said...

I came all the way over to your personal blog to tell you that this was the worst article I've ever read on cracked. And it's not because I'm a skateboarder (I don't skate) it's because it was poorly written and unfunny.

Lordy said...

I also thought this was poorly written and unfunny.

The comments that is, not the article. The article was groovy to the max!

Anonymous said...

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