Paid To Play - Video Game Articles

In further proof that the internet is a magical land, I'm being paid to play games and talk about them (behaviour which, in the real world, leads to significant penalisation by my lady-friend). Not just any games, either, I'm talking about:

Team Fortress 2, the love of my life

Call Of Duty 4, my cruel and exciting mistress

Counter-Strike, archaic domain of cheating dinosaurs still dedicated to ruining a great game nearly a decade later

Go, enjoy!

No Limit To Failure

Amazingly, not one of those three comments is sarcastic (click image for readability):

You know, something along the lines of "Are you serious? Is this a joke? You're studying journalism and your response to 'Find something worth reporting on' is to post to your livejournal? Is this some kind of special-education journalism program, or a scholarship based on tri-multaneous stupidity, laziness and utterly missing the point?"

I'm just hoping it's a fiendishly ingenious social experiment of some kind. Though this could explain why Toronto newspapers tend to have headlines like "Holland in full bloom".

9 Devices That Are Clearly Compensating For a Small Penis

I'm all up in Cracked's face again today, with a lovely PG piece "9 Devices That Are Clearly Compensating For A Small Penis"

You should read it and be entertained by those less fortunate than you, you highly-virile reader of me.