No Limit To Failure

Amazingly, not one of those three comments is sarcastic (click image for readability):

You know, something along the lines of "Are you serious? Is this a joke? You're studying journalism and your response to 'Find something worth reporting on' is to post to your livejournal? Is this some kind of special-education journalism program, or a scholarship based on tri-multaneous stupidity, laziness and utterly missing the point?"

I'm just hoping it's a fiendishly ingenious social experiment of some kind. Though this could explain why Toronto newspapers tend to have headlines like "Holland in full bloom".


Lordy said...

Do you know whats really sad? Reading wannabe journalists livejournals. Was there a particular reason you came across this or were you just clicking on random blogs?

Luke said...

They didn't just put it in their blog, they posted it in the "Toronto area updates" community, which I watch. Because occasionally there are non-tragic things announced.