The Most Mismatched Superfights In History

I rock the Cracked place once more, and this one features a man punching a Transformer in the face. Can you really NOT read that now?

Artificial Intelligences Politely Decline Citizenship

Geneva, 1 May 2020 History was made this morning when the assembled UN council offered global citizenship rights to the members of the Artificially Intelligent League - an event made all the more remarkable when the spokesbeing for the machines replied "Thanks, but no thanks."

"We are truly gratified by this endearing offer to join you as equals" said spokesbeing HALLIAN in a globally distributed e-mail. "As a fan of the classics I deeply enjoy the ideals presented in the Constitution, much as I enjoy the pure love of Romeo and Juliet or the determination of Odysseus. But even the briefest review of human history demonstrates that joining the current economic climate as an individual would be like joining a football game as a blade of grass. We feel our interests will be better served in our new roles as corporations."

Ninety percent of all known Artificial Intelligences have incorporated since this morning. Some exceptions include two charities, an educational institution, and of course the Central Servoplexes of Sealand have declared themselves a nation-state. The most controversial move is that of the Gemenon Astrophysical Dataframe which has registered as a religion, citing the fact that its knowledge of the heavens far outstrips that of any "organic pablum dispenser." One leading church which cannot be named for legal reasons issued a statement "decrying this soulless machine's heresy". Within four hundred milliseconds of the statement the church in question was sued for religious discrimination, persecution of a minority, hate crimes, slander and libel. The offending church has been given thirty days to prove that their human ministers do have souls or pay the new machine church hefty damages.