Blizzard's Top 3 Pranks on World of Warcraft Players

I only wish I got as much money for taking the piss.

Pandaren delivery boys, WoW on the 2600, and drunken collectibles over at ZUG! (Then Reddit.)

WASD or GTFO: Great and God-Awful Gaming T-Shirts

Anti-fashionable fun over at Lowpings, because we can all agree on one thing: You don't want to be this guy

Do the "reading" thing here to see the BFG, some stylish kit you could actually wear to work, and the one way to turn Counter-Strike clothing into an even worse idea. Like it? Reddit!

Limoncello Lunacy

Any unaware that we need some sort of bureaucrat cull should check this out: California's cutting funding to education, but still sending agents out to crack down on illegal limoncello.

The Video Game Movie Sucktacular!

Behold, as I endure the latest and anti-greatest in videogame movies at GameSpy! Not Street Fighter, not House of the Dead, not even Bloodrayne. No, I have Street Fighter 2, House of the Dead 2, and even Bloodrayne 2, and many other examples of how Hollywood just can't stop doing terrible things!

Please note this is the first time that "Street Fighter 2" has been a bad thing.

Understand: I watched Uwe Boll so you didn't have to. If you don't have any Medals of Honor lying around, a Digg or Reddit would work just as well.

I've also noticed that my last three articles here have been about videogames, I had to watch Doom drunk, play Atari games and dance on DDR to research them (also drunk), and that my life is excellent.

Modern Games That Would Have Sucked on the Atari 2600

I had a lot of fun with this one (note: none of the fun was while actually playing Atari 2600 games as research.)

Go! Enjoy! Digg! Reddit!

America's Credit Card Statement

Economic hilarity over at Cracked - come for the fun and figures, stay for the insane hatemongering comments, Digg it to spite the psychos!

Dance Dance Revelations!

DDR, looking stupid, and making fun of things - I've basically been training for this article my whole life. Go read it!

Allies Win World War II, Round MMMLXV

Cries of joy substituted for shellfire across the servers last night, as millions of Allied troops celebrated victory in World War II for the three thousand and sixty-fifth time that day.

The Reichstag falls (127.7 times an hour)

“It’s been a hard struggle” said Sergeant Martin, who first answered the Call of Duty in 2004 (and again in 2005, 2006, and once more in 2008.) “Those dirty Huns sure are persistent, and seem to keep reappearing five-to-seventeen seconds after you kill them, but by God we pushed forward and stood on the designated map marker for thirty seconds. Thereby resolving the entire nightmarish tangle of debts and international pressures which drowned a quarter of the world in blood.”

(read the rest at LowPings)

Vendor Trash: The Top 10 Worst World of Warcraft Cash-Ins

Would you spend $550 on this?
Would you think anyone capable of even imagining that could use a computer? They can, but for "use" substitute the exact opposite phrase "play World of Warcraft." If you're interested, and want to see women painted green drinking mana potions, go read the full article on GameSpy. And Digg it!