Cat Behavior Explained

Cats explained by comic, Scientific Americat and Catmopolitan over at Cracked!

UPDATE: Doing well!

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Twitter Swamps Idiots (instead of being swamped BY them, for once)

Twitter's torrential outpouring of insanity'n'inaty was finally put to good use when they drowned out a Westboro Baptist Church protest. If you don't know who the WBC, the Jeopardy question is "Which insane scumbags protest at funerals for free publicity?"

Read all about it right here.

The Geek Defined

Beer, wine, games, football, whatever you want.

Predicting the Super Bowl with the power of consoles!

Over at Cracked today, playing every American football game from Madden 10 to Tecmo Super Bowl, and betting on the predictions. Also a photo of me giving a blow job.
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Cat Pisses on Peyton, Bets $50 on Saints

My continuing paid psychological breakdown disguised as a writing career passed an important landmark this week, when I gave my cat $50 and asked him to bet on the Superbowl.
This cat got scratch

Along the way he battles dream interpretation, disproves fortune telling, and enters an all-or-nothing Quarterback Cagematch. Go read it, and if you're reading this Saints, go win so I look slightly less crazy!

System Swansongs

It's a hard life being a console - you provide millions of children with more joy than an infinity of rainbows, then you die with less dignity than Elvis.
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