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Beer review - Bell's Expedition Stout

The best stout I've had.
10.5 % ABV, Michigan USA, CAD$11.89 / 355 ml

The compass on the bottle usefully indicates which way is up after a few.

Bell’s Expedition Stout gives the lie to the claim that all American beer is tap-water that’s been lightly pissed in. Its rich flavour and strong ways show that Bud light and Labatts only exist due to the flaws in American democracy - they know how to make the good things, but most people are content with cheap swill (the McBeer effect).

This wonderful stout pours like the T1000, liquid metal glistening and thick. You almost expect to find dinosaur skeletons preserved in the rich, tarry texture of a full glass. When you drink it it doesn’t just demand respect – it smashes a chair of flavour over your tongue and stamps it’s boot on your throat (from the inside) with a powerful, long-lasting aftertaste. One that says “You’re a real beer drinking man now, my son”.

It isn’t for everyone. If you enjoy stout then you must make sure this is the next Expedition you embark on; but if you’ve ever found any stout too strong then give it a miss. The same applies to anyone sick, infirm, pregnant, unable to deal with rich deep flavours or simply not concentrating 100% - back off until you’re ready to handle this.

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