I score achievements every day: "having fun" and "playing games." Some people manage to screw that up.

Windows 7 Installation

More material over at Cracked, where we look at the very latest in Operating Systems and ask "Why bother?"

Bonus: Even Windows has fanboys! Behold comments furiously denying that Windows 7 was inspired by OS X or that many installs wipe every file on your computer. Despite links to Windows staff admitting "it was inspired by OS X" and the known fact that an install from anything other than Vista, which most people didn't buy, require you to format your entire hard drive.

Close Encounters Of Numbered Kinds

Do you believe aliens exist? Do you believe they're hiding on Earth? Amazing how a 'yes' to two similar questions can imply wildly differing levels of intelligence. Rejoice in the fact with my chart on Types of Alien Encounter at Cracked!

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