Dinosaur D-Day!

For fans of "Making money doing the most incredible things," I punch out a Tyrannosaurus Rex through an American flag, while drinking beer, and get paid for it.

Turok was a pussy!
You're either going to want to read about that, or get the hell off my page anyway.

The Russian Traffic Porn Prank

Russian hackers achieve the impossible, and tune those mind-melting video billboards to something people actually want to watch.
Of course it was porn.
Go see, unless you're not into that. In which case the internet might not be for you. But Digg before you go!

The Alcopop Experiment

I dare death, drunkeness and diabetes for comic effect in The Alcopop Experiment!

You really want to read it. And Digg it.

Gamespy: Collecting Crap

This week on GameSpy we see why gamers aren't taken seriously: twenty-dollar coasters and horrifying "personal assistants".

See this and many more ways to prove that both your credit card and genitals should be confiscated for the good of all mankind right here. Then Digg it!