The Video Game Movie Sucktacular!

Behold, as I endure the latest and anti-greatest in videogame movies at GameSpy! Not Street Fighter, not House of the Dead, not even Bloodrayne. No, I have Street Fighter 2, House of the Dead 2, and even Bloodrayne 2, and many other examples of how Hollywood just can't stop doing terrible things!

Please note this is the first time that "Street Fighter 2" has been a bad thing.

Understand: I watched Uwe Boll so you didn't have to. If you don't have any Medals of Honor lying around, a Digg or Reddit would work just as well.

I've also noticed that my last three articles here have been about videogames, I had to watch Doom drunk, play Atari games and dance on DDR to research them (also drunk), and that my life is excellent.


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