7 Kickass Cancer Cures

I'm waving the sword of science over at Cracked again, with 7 Kickass Cancer Cures. One of these cures is Radioactive Scorpion Venom, and another is Beer. Yes, I thought you might want to read that now.

UPDATE: Woohoo, Farked again.


Marky Mark said...

Good article mate, heres to anti-cancer beer!

Oh and btw, I'm not a stalker or owt, I recognised your name from the olden days of deviantart, when you were captaininvincible and I was Brandnewhero. This blog is where i upload my articles (im a semi-professional music journo these days)

So yeah, keep it up man. See you around

Lordy said...

Beer, is there anything it can't do? (besides make me sober)

Also would the lasers be the modern equivalent of cleanse it with fire? Hmm ...