Luke Online: Week Ending 31/1/2009

This website has a tendency to echo and be colonised by bats despite my writing more than a deaf-mute debating club. To combat this scarcity I'll be linking my offsite here content in regular posts from now on.

Galapagos Goat-Murder for Fun and Conservation
Greenhouse Gas Probing Satellite
Scary Space Stalker
LHC Risk-Rubbish Rubbished
Extraterrestrial Essentials For Life
Bacterial Traitors to Sabotage Sicknesses

What's new in the World at War?

What's new is Tanks. TANKS.


Hell YES this game is fun!

Blackberry Boss to users: "Suck It"
Russian Runaway Mobile Mogul
Brewster's Millions in Phone Form

(Just click outside the stupid "Join Now" box)

Ginger Milk
Chicken Knees
Fried Sandworm

Short form: eating weird stuff is fun. I don't talk eating eyeballs though. That was less fun.

Ten Weird Browser Extensions

There's a browser-bit which actually blocks idiots. But if we all used it the internet would disappear.

Paintballs: Apparently 'Bad' For Eyes

Yes, it's a real medical study. No, I don't know who paid for it, but intend to find out and have them sponsor my ten-year "Drink: How do livers really feel about that stuff?" study.

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