Websites that make you (seem) smarter

The all-dominating network of Luke-ness continues to expand its borders - behold Sites That Make You (Seem) Smarter, with the fine folks over at Folks with impeccable taste, might I add.


Chris Cairns said...

Thanks goodness some people have taste.

Zagadka said...

The Internet lets you look very smart, indeed. Since almost no communication is instant (and even "instant" can be delayed a bit by saying "bio break brb"), anything you say can not only be spell checked (FireFox does this automatically, though for some reason it doesn't recognize FireFox, but also provides suggestions), but if you're talking about something you don't really have a clue about, you can look up anything on Wikipedia or Google in seconds and be a fucking expert. Even if it is in another language. Or if you come across some comedy website and they make a joke, and you're confused about a reference... Wikipedia! IMDB! Google!

Once they implant that shit into our brains, it will just be a struggle between speaking about the mating rituals of endangered birds in Papau New Guinea in Dutch and trying not to get hit by a car while watching 20 porn clips constantly.