Nanotech Emergency Procedures

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Lordy said...

Hmm, interesting, what would be an effective counter against a nanobot invasion? Your own army of specially programmed loyal nanobots?

Nukes from high orbit? (Assuming you have a orbital spaceship or station)

Massive EMP pulses?

Getting rid of their power supply? (If its the sun, then thats gong to be tricky ...)

Luke said...

Yep, pretty much your only hope is a better breed of faster replicating, viciouser nanobots.

Not that that's going to "Save" anything, but by God the pile of goo that used to be the planet will be YOUR pile of goo!

krustyolddude said...

You'd need to nuke the planet from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Failing that - I'd get a mini-gun and fire wildly into the approaching mass.

009 said...

The best counter against nanobots is too leave a crapload of radioactive material about. The nanobots build more of themself out of it, eventually the reach critical mass and explode.

On second thoughts, that plan may have a few flaws.

Lordy said...

krustyolddude said...

Failing that - I'd get a mini-gun and fire wildly into the approaching mass.

Well it worked in the third Matrix film, didn't it? :) Also I just realised the repetition in EMP pulses as I was getting money from the ATM machine last night. Doh!

No, EMPs are the way to go if nukes aren't an option :) How did Red Dwarf deal with nanobots again? Oh right. They didn't ...

Avvy said...

You know, luke... I loved this so much, I printed it and put it in my office.

I then got into serious trouble with the mormon bosses, because it had the word f*ck in it.

Thank you for getting me in trouble with my mormon bosses!