The Internet's Only Entirely Positive Gaming Tattoo Article!

It's all too easy to mock gaming tattoos, in the same way it's easy to mock people who set themselves on fire. Which is why most articles about them end up as funny as a surgeon's apology. But not this one!

I didn't even need to be funny after a photo like that, but I did it anyway. So read and Reddit!

The Energy Drink Overload Experiment

The last time I endured this much pain for an article was watching Dancing With The Stars. In case you're not aware, companies now sell lobotomies in cans - and I drank them all for ZUG.

A chemical fire waiting to happen. Inside my skull.

Go read, Reddit, and Digg!

The Stupidest Hardcore Gaming Peripherals

Do you like to play games? Do you like to pay ridiculous mark-ups on pieces of plastic because they allegedly have something to do with games?

Pity. These guys were hoping for a 'yes' there.

the unfair advantage over your rivals in lowlight conditions. (That is an actual quote from the advertising)

Behold the perils of cyborg mice, paying to punch yourself in the chest, and the awesome power of the DESTRUCTOR GAMING SURFACE! Read it and Reddit.

Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody (and you should buy it)

If you're on this site then you'll love this book, and it isn't even by me. My talented friend Robert Brockway has unleashed Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody and it's teaching the rest of the fear-mongering media a lesson.

(The Lesson: fear-mongering is way better when it's stuffed with facts and really funny.)

You may notice I've subliminally primed this photo to bias you towards the book. That's because I've read it and love it. But don't just believe me. Don't just believe Optimus Prime, you filthy Decepticreep. You can go read a sample chapter over at Cracked.

Go get it, at your local bookstore or Amazon (US, Canada and UK).