Beer Magazine

There is a wonderful, magical world where I not only drink beer: I can get paid to drink beer while telling people how robots and genetic engineering will make beer better than ever. And that world was Earth all along!

Yes, Issue 12 of Beer Magazine (Sep/Oct 2009) features "The Future Of Beer" by me (or more accurately, me laughing maniacally at how my dreams are actually coming true.) I'm now paid to write about both beer and videogames - I don't know if there's a cheerleader-testing publication, but if there is I'm sure they'll contact me shortly.

Pick it up, and if you can't find it in real life, be aware that Beer Magazine (smart people, upstanding citizens, fine judges of writing character) are also intelligently available online at Zinio.


Lordy said...

Heh, I like their covers. The giant word "BEER" mightn't be enough to get their attention, better stick a hot chick on there too ...

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