Tattoos Explained By Location

Another Cracked article, explaining tattoo locations and some common choices. Where by "common" I mean "stupid."

Go, enjoy, and Digg if you're a Digger. THIS I COMMAND!

UPDATE: Apparently my commands do not mess around - the piece is now #1 in all Digg topics, meaning I win at Internet today. Kinda wishing I commanded cheerleaders now.
UPDATE-ER: All Farked up too:

SUMMARY: I made a thing, and the entire internet apparently decided it was the best thing. If you're reading this page because you're thinking of hiring me, I'm available at reasonable freelance rates and you should probably get right on that.


Lordy said...

Not one reference to mathematical proof that tattoos are a bad idea? Pfft, and you call yourself a scientist :p

Dublin beekeeper said...

I worked in an indian restaurant called 'Chandni' which means moonlight night. A guy who worked there liked the word so much he got it tatooed on his arm. Well he got 'Chandi' tattooed which means underpants...