Electronic Insanity

I'm continuing to rock Dial-a-Phone's house with tales of the great and the godawful, gadget-wise, and not to imply awesomeness or anything but the mobile phone blog just told me I don't have to write about phones unless I really want to.

In the last few weeks, we've looked at:

The Obscene Caller Awards: featuring the sprint and endurance events for phoning random people and telling them to verb your inappropriate noun. Remove the phone and we've have a way to bring ratings back to the Olympics. If you guessed that the record for stupidest, foulest-mouthed, insanely bored asshole was a trucker, well done on understanding what a trucker is.

Squandered Silicon: computer applications that make Skynet look like it's at least doing something. If you've ever thought of cyber-scientology, or wished your Blackberry could call that annoying "God" guy for you, this is the idiocy you've been waiting for.

Anti-Insect Ultratech: How much do you hate insects? Laser-blasting, genetic engineering, spy-cyborg gamma irradiatingly? If not, you're not a scientist. (Also: don't piss off scientists.)

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