5 Books That Can Actually Make You Stupider

Look you, commoner, for there is another piece of mine up over at Cracked: 5 Books That Can Actually Make You Stupider. Go for the comedy, stay for the faith-in-humanity-destroying comments!

As an expert internetter the sheer levels of retardation generated come as no surprise, so grab a bottle of spirits and join me in the Comments Drinking Game!

- Drink when anyone says the bible should be on the list
- Drink when someone insults someone who said that
- Two drinks for every other "Purely responding to other comments" comments
- Drink when someone takes far too many words to say "But I do Sudoku and I'm smart!"
- Two drinks when someone scores hip-and-edgy points by just insulting me directly
- Three drinks and punch something everytime someone focusses on the important distinctions between pedophilia and ephebophilia, as they are both entirely distinct types of fucking a goddamn child
- Drink every time someone points out that "stupider" is not a word, because as we all know something is only a word when legally recorded in a single reference book, not when it can be used to communicate concepts to anyone who speaks the language. These are the people who make scrabble hated (or worse, Wikipedia editors), and may be safely ignored.

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Lordy said...

You got 177 comments out of that article. Thats bloody scary.