A brilliant Galaxy that isn't Mario-based

I've started writing for another blog, whose mission for me was "Write about cool science and technology while referring to fiction and pop-culture." I would therefore like to thank whoever went out and created a company purely to give me the perfect writing job.

The first article, "5 Things you didn't know they were doing in orbit", can be found here.

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David Curran said...

I once moved imaginary sheep to confuse satellites. Out on hill one day we were moving boxed painted white around. I being a curious sort of fellow asked "why are we moving these white boxes around a mountain side?" "The EU have a quota for sheep, we have less sheep then they pay us for. They have a satellite that checks that you have roughly the number of sheep you say you have. The satellite sees these boxes as sheep. And we move them every few months because otherwise it will seem that we have entirely stationary sheep".

In retrospect I have no idea if there really is an EU sheep detection satellite and I would guess there is not. Still I am just realising that this was not by any means the weirdest job I have ever done.