From n00b to nerd

Another article up and running over at Cracked, and I've taken another step towards being a real-life writer: I've been edited.

Most of it is pretty painless, cutting down and sharpening sentences (and apparently I hate American teenagers more than just regular teenagers now), but they also cut my favourite gag! Yes, I am not only being published, I'm writing material TOO HOT TO PRINT. Material I will now print anyway, because that's the way I roll:

"Babies were invented by God to give sex a downside. This is why christians oppose both birth control and relationships which lead to fabulous outfits instead of reproduction. I don't usually go around calling omnipotent beings pussies, Christian God, but any Celestial Scheme that can be thwarted with a thin sheet of rubber sucks ass. Nobody foiled Zeus with a little latex balloon unless they wanted a lightning-blasted crater where their genitals used to be."

Cracked seems to draw the line at calling God a wimp. PC, or merely good business sense?

Edit: The article has also been Fark'd (6th article down). Go Team Internet!

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